... how can i not know who i am?

Dissociative identity disorder.

Dissociative identity disorder of DID is neither a personality disorder nor a psychosis, neither is it the same as schizophrenia with which it is often mistaken.

DID is now the new name of multiple personality disorder which was very misleading as it suggested that in DID the person has multiple personalities.

As if several different people were living in the same body.

This is what it may feel like to many people with DID, but it is not the objective truth, rather the personality of the one person is comprised of many parts that are not yet functioning together in a smooth coordinated and flexible way.

DID is almost exclusively caused by repeated childhood trauma in the absence of appropriate parental support. It is a way of coping with that drama rather than being a lifestyle choice or simply a variation of normal experience. The personality is experiencing life in a disconnected way, through separate parts or altars. There can be conflicts between these alters, and a failure in psychological development to integrate and join together the different facets of personality, memory, identity, behaviour and feelings.

Whilst parts of the personality carry out normal life and often have little or no memory or acceptance of having been abused as children, trauma orientated parts tend to be overly focused on what happened. The person can at times become overwhelmed with both their feelings about it, and their sometimes frantic attempt to prevent it from happening again.



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