we are too scared to ask people for help

patients point of view.


“It feels like I’ve been going round and round in the mental health system for years now. Nobody takes what I say seriously, just look at me as If I’m mad and making it all up”


“We’re too scared to ask to ask people for help, people dressed in doctors uniforms, and Policemen came to the parties and rituals we had, and they would hurt us a lot. I can’t feel safe around those people”


“The Psychiatrist said it would help to ‘stop the voices’ in my head. The tablets he gave me make me feel really numb and the voices are still there, so he just keeps giving me more and more”


“I started seeing a private therapist and after a few years I built up the courage to run away from my abusers. She convinced me it would be safe to go to the NHS to get more help and support but when we went they just sectioned me and put me on heavy medication. Told me I couldn’t see my therapist anymore and that she had put false memories in my head. None of them knew what DID was and didn’t believe in that or ritual abuse. It felt like asking for help had just ended up with us all getting hurt and them taking away the only one we felt we could trust”

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Getting away is the hardest part but the start to a new beginning