programming is the cornerstone of extreme abuse


The many forms of programming or mind control used by Cults go against what society labels as normal, this programming is designed to isolate survivors.

During the programming, the surviors are told that these negative ways are thinking are so bad and evil that if other people knew about these crazy thoughts, they would hate them and throw them into Mental Hospitals.

When survivors remember the abuse , these tortured and traumatized personalities are finally given a chance to speak. The progamming then resurfaces in their daily lives because the tortured personalitiesare no longer isolated to their ritual abuse experience.

The point of all programming through torture and hypnosis is centred on forcing the child to rely on the cult

Mind control is the cornerstone of Ritual Abuse. The methods opposite are used to silence survivors by creating amnesia through dissociation surrounding the events, places, dates and names of perpetrators, in order to protect the cult


some of the programming and torture techniques used.

Victims often refer to Mind control as ‘Programming’  ie: a parallel to ‘creating and saving’ split off parts to a self for future use.

Programming is initially carried out on a child from birth as during the first several years the mind is most susceptible, and can be systematically ‘shaped’ to suit the abusers needs.

During the formative early years of development, people who can be referred to as ‘trainers’, will systematically use a combination of:

  • Drugs to enhance sensation and dissociation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Pain
  • Terror
  • Electric shocks
  • and other forms of physical and psychological abuse


This is done in such a way as the child needs to dissociate in order to cope with the severity of the trauma.

The part of the childs mind that has been ‘split off’ in order to cope with this trauma is at it’s most vulnerable, and open to suggestion as the abuse is ongoing. This can then be exploited and directed toward forming a new ‘alter’ or ‘personality’ who will respond to a given name, code or trigger to bring them forward from that point.

“There are times when I will ‘switch’ to another alter when they use a specific code of some sort. Then I will lose time, and the one who has been called out will carry out what they have been trained to do.”

Triggers can be created by repeating them over and over throughout the ongoing trauma. Such as:


  • repeating certain unusual words
  • use of letters and numbers which represent dates and times ie: halloween at 9pm being OCT319
  • strong colours
  • specific hand gestures
  • touching certain pressure points on the body
  • certain symbols
  • use of latin
  • lights flashing at a certain frequency
  • Spinning the body for long periods of time
  • specific items posted through the door, left in car windscreen, handed to in the street


This alter can be trained to carry out a specific task or action when they are triggered/called out.


  • Report back everything the person has done during that day
  • Answer the phone when it rings (where another alter can be called out further orders can be given)
  • Harm their own body as a punishment
  • Go to a certain place to be collected
  • Respond to pictures sent by text to go to places for rituals (certain recognised rock, (seemingly Random to another) which represents a specific location)
  • Run and hide when ambulance or police sirens are heard
  • Carry out sexual acts
  • Harm another
  • Have a sudden sensation of spinning and not be able to focus
  • Suddenly lose sight or hearing
  • Feel sudden pains in the body (somatic flashbacks)
  • Have an extreme fear of Therapists, hospitals, doctors, policemen and churches

The list can be endless, however if the abusers see the victim as too much of a risk to the abusers identity or actions, then a certain alter can be called out whose role it is to commit suicide.

“one minute I would be trying to settle down for the night, but felt really anxious. The phone rang and I was scared to answer it so tried to ignore it, then suddenly started getting real pains in my stomach. I’m not sure if or why I picked the phone up, but next think I knew It was early morning and I was in my car, didn’t recognise where I was and was bleeding”

Through use of this programming, the victim can be made to go places, carry out acts without being aware. The fear of people anyone else would trust to gain help makes it extremely difficult for this victim to ask for help or support.


Extreme sexual abuse, including bestiality and paedophilia


Being chained or tied up for long periods of time


Being hung upside down for long periods of time


Pulling limbs out of joint and breaking bones, amputating limbs


Blinding light into eyes, and use of extreme noises


Girls and women are used for breeding of babies which are used for sacrifice or enslaving


Blackmail by threatening abuse to loved ones, others close or pets


Forced to carry out ritual abuse then it used as a guilt strategy to keep the survivor within the group of abusers


Forced to eat flesh, miscarriages, faeces, urine, semen, blood etc..


Being wrapped in polythene and denied oxygen


Sensory deprivation


Waterboarding- Being sat naked in a metal cage wired up, and left to urinate. This triggers electric shocks

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