... extreme controversy and opposition over the last several decades


Organised extreme abuse, otherwise known as ritual abuse has been given extreme controversy and opposition over the last several decades.

It can be difficult for a person to face the reality that a human being could carry out such a horrific level of abuse and torture to others, especially babies and young children.

The abuser groups, who often hide behind Satanic or Luciferian groups, use a combination of the above with an added emphasis on fear and secrecy, which is designed to protect the abusers way of life.

In the 1980’s the same was done regarding reluctance to accept that even child abuse could exist. There has always been aggressive denial and refusal to accept that ritual abuse or mind control existed yet there has been more and more evidence giving proof that these atrocities have in the past, and still are being carried out


We know sexual abuse and incest exists and has always been a reality.


We know organised and sadistic perpetrator groups exist.


We know of child pornography, organised paedophilia, child trafficking and prostitution.


 We know of the mafia and drug trafficking, Nazism and CIA brainwashing techniques.

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