recognising and believing this abuse exists is crucial


Due to the bizarre nature of the abuse, survivors who report this type of abuse more often than not are discredited or re-abused by society that is set up to protect them. This is due to society’s denial that ritual abuse exists. Hence why organised extreme abuse often hides behind and within these groups.

Recognising and believing this abuse exists is crucial, as disclosure is extremely difficult for survivors who have been born into generational groups, and have constantly told that nobody will believe them. This is often the case due to the refusal within the public and helping professions to accept this level of abuse happens, which leads to collusion with the abusers.

Many survivors who try to escape from these abusers (many don’t) have to deal with brainwashing instilled by the abusers that will lead trigger them to commit suicide, go crazy or return to the abusers.

” I wanted help so I took my children to hospital, abusers who are doctors, Police and Solicitors in the area raised accusations of child abuse against me. 
Then the father got custody of me, they were sent straight back to the abusers and I was prosecuted.”

Survivor’s story


I grew up amongst a family who were involved with a cult, there was nobody in the family who wasn’t involved. The teachers at my school were involved so would watch me at school to make sure I never told anyone.

I was abused every day by my mum and dad, and would be taken to parties and sold to other people for days at a time. I had to go to the rituals that the cult held, and they would make me take part in what they did.

Sometimes my mum would see me getting really upset, so would say she would help, and took me to see a doctor, or talk to someone like a counsellor, or therapist. These people would ask me lots of questions over and over. I was really frightened and ashamed to tell them, because I had always been told that nobody would believe me. Or that everyone would think I was evil for doing the things the cult made me do. After I had been seeing them for a while I started to trust and would answer their questions, then they would go back to my mum and dad and tell them what I had said, and I would get really badly punished.

I found out years later that the people I had been taken to see were also members of the cult, and had been paid to do what they had done. I learned over years of tricks and punishment that it wasn’t safe to trust or talk to anyone….especially the ones who promised me it was safe to talk to them, the one’s I was supposed to trust”

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