dissociative identity disorder

dissociative identity disorder.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is the most extreme form of Dissociative Disorder a person can suffer from. It is neither a personality disorder nor a psychosis neither is it the same as schizophrenia with which it is often mistaken. This is caused by extreme and continual abuse within the first several years of a childs life, which leads to the development of multiple personality states or ‘alters’ created in order to cope with the trauma the child endures.

The level of communication internally between these alters can be very limited, or non- existent. The alters may not function together, are not integrated, and any co-communication is often conflicting.

Certain triggers will cause switching between alters who will take control of the persons actions. Each of these alters will have different ages, genders, names, skills and abilities.

They may or may not be aware of the other alters present and the switching involved.

They may only be aware of the actions they carry out when they are in charge of the body


the women with 7 personalities.

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