abuse is about breaking the spirit

what is OEA?

Being within organised extreme abuse often involves people who hold high positions within society.  Their involvement is within a ring of people who use child prostitution and child trafficking. These people are often seen as trustworthy and can be working with vulnerable children and others needing help.

Within the world or organised extreme abuse is paedophilia, child pornography, child trafficking. And there’s a huge amount of money goes through these channels. With this there becomes a huge amount of power and control through blackmail between people who are involved on any level.

People who don’t want the world to know about their actions have a great deal to lose, and they have the power and positioning to keep it covered.

People don’t know how to believe that other people could ever be so evil, or get away with it. Who wants to hear it, or deal with it when it’s much easier not to?

There’s a need to break this silence and isolation

It’s a well protected business

Organise extreme abuse and abuse of a ritual nature is kept under the radar, and out of the public eye due to the level of control through the involvement within day to day services such as finances, politics, and aristocracy.

People need to be aware that there is an interplay and infiltration between secret societies such as parts of the free masons, churches, fraternities, groups of interested parties such as bankers, police agencies, and judiciaries People who are supposed to protect us from these things. This has occurred, and been recorded as long as time goes back.  People such as doctors, lawyers, judges, police, social workers, child protection agencies and people in places of power.

Organised extreme abuse is linked strongly with child trafficking, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking. Regarding the case of child pornography industry and snuff movies. the use of the internet makes this easier to access. Through various channels children can be ‘ordered and supplied’ online. This can go unrecorded as victims are born and not registered as existing. Unregistered girls/women are referred to as ‘breeders’ and used to produce more babies/children who can be sold/trafficked for use by organised groups, and for ritual abuse.

It can be hard to comprehend how these things can be carried out and not be recognised as crime. An example of how it can be covered so easily?

The network of abusers who work in places such as police, hospitals, coroners, funeral directors, churches, would make it possible to be aware of location of a victims body. Through and organised network this body could be found by police, examined by coroner, and funeral carried out. The documentation could state the death was though natural causes, result of an accident, or suicide when it could clearly have been otherwise.

The victim could have been murdered, or forced to commit suicide by abusers threatening to kill the victims family. This could be noted as suicide, hospital notes stating that the victim had ongoing mental health issues when this was not the case.

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