abusive satanic rituals are illegal

when is this ritual abuse?

Ritual abuse is linked with organised extreme abuse and is at the far end on a sliding scale of abuse which always has, and does exists throughout our society. Often as soon as the term ‘ritual abuse’ is spoken, then the willingness to look beyond that point is blocked. “it just made up”, “load of rubbish” and “conspiracy”. Yet to be repeated over and over, at the same times, either daily, weekly, certain dates….this is ritualistic. To disregard it even exists provides an excellent cover for organised extreme abuse to flourish.

Across the world there exists many types of abuse; child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, sadism and masochism, drugs, incest, deception, blackmail, manipulation, power based on control, conditioning based on punishment, and murder to name a few. Within ritual abuse, these are all combined in order to break a childs will, to achieve complete control over the individual and more often than not, from birth. ( although some ritual abuse is carried out pre-birth through the mothers during pregnancy) The abuse is systematic and continual rather than random.

Severe abuse is based on power and control, some well known examples of this being the Nazis, neo-nazis and Klu Klux Klan for instance.

Both ritual and abuse and child abuse have been and still are dependant on secrecy, and societies refusal to accept they exist help it to thrive. Raising awareness of this is essential in order to stop it. Alongside this, societies willingness to accept it is essential in order to lessen the fear from victims that they won’t be believed.

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